Whats really going on out there….

I’ve seen a great many spooky things since I started investigating the paranormal in 2005.  Before my abilities manifested I was like everyone else, I believed in the supernatural and was trying to find some answers.  After I started to see and hear the spirits more and more, the realization that it was much bigger than all that really set in.  I had always been a bit sensitive but I never thought much of it until the night I saw the girl in the road and spoke to her. If that bit confuses you please read my first post.

The common thought, especially where I’m from, is that anything supernatural is bad or that ghosts and spirits are evil.  This is mostly fed by popular culture, ie books, movies and tv.  Dare I say, and I am sorry for my religious readers, it is fueled largely by the church.  99% of entities are harmless and want nothing more than attention.  Could you imagine being in a room full of people and not a single one could see or hear you?  After a bit you would want attention, right?  Same principal for spirits and entities. 

When people are frightened or negative towards them, it does have an adverse affect same as with living humans.  Most bullies have been bullied and hurt themselves driving them to do the things they do, not unlike spirits.  Remember guys, most entities were human beings once too and the intellegent spirits still have human feelings and mannerisms.

Now the slight percentage of inhuman spirits out there and the demons had no feelings to start with.  Their prerogative is to make you miserable, they thrive on it.  For those out there like me, inhumans are particularly keen on us.  We are people that they can truely torment, due to our extreme level of interaction with them.  Just remember that although they are powerful, this goes for empaths and normal folk alike, you are actually stronger than them and can put them in there rightful place.  Fear is unavoidable , but to be truely afraid gives them more power.  All they are is manifestations of hate and cruelty, while these things make them strong we can take that away.  Sure I fear demons and inhuman spirits, but I’m not terrified by them.

I used to be the guy that stood and laughed in their faces and told them to get lost. Well that shit ended badly so now that I’m older and a bit wiser I listen and try to reason with them.  Does do alot of good, things like that just cant be reasoned with.  I will keep trying though because if I can get through to them someday I might be able to better help people.

I had a comment on an earlier post, more of a request really.  Someone wanted to hear more bout what the demons are saying.  Well to be honest they tell me alot more of them are around these days.  What better time than now huh. With war, hatred and racism running rampant these guts are having a field day.  I mean look at your tv anytime of the day, people are dying violently more and more, hate is being bred throughout society day in and day out.  There is something brewing on the horizon and its not gonna be pretty.  I hear them talking more and more about it and I have the feeling whatever it is people like me are in for a “hell” of a time.  I have been seeing things recently that I cant begin to explain and shouldnt. Just keep in mind that we are stronger than them and we have absolutely nothing to fear if we remember that.

Im gonna end here for today, I think I have stirred up enough trouble at the moment lol.  Dont get me wrong I know alot of my friends, family and co-workers think I’m insane.  And for that I am remiss, but I have to do this.  It feels like the right thing to do, getting it out there ya know.  If I can help people at the expense of my standing with people close to me then so be it. Thanks for reading. I will try to post more often from now on.


“Where does he get all of those wonderful toys?”

Sorry I’ve been away for a few days, but I have been having some health issues.  Today I want to talk about the equipment that we use in the field whilst on a paranormal investigation, how they are used, and how my abilities hinder and help.  First off let me say that when I first started out in ghost hunting, there was no such thing as equipment designed for investigating, we had to use things built for other purposes that could meet our needs.  As paranormal investigating has been become dare I say “more main stream”,  People have started to develop equipment more suited to our needs.

First we will talk about the old tried and true Camera.  Whether it be a rolled film camera, digital still, video, night vision, infra-red , high 8 or thermal, the camera is the staple tool of the investigator.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in the world of ghost hunting  a good picture can make a good hunt a phenomenal one!  There will always be skeptics, but when you have a great picture or a compelling video, you may just change some minds.  Theory is that what we can’t see with the human eye, the camera can pick up. While I can already see the spirits, I can’t convince a nay sayer of that fact.  These days we have  infra-red and thermal imaging cameras, these things are awesome!  Infra-red cameras function on a different spectrum of light using an IR illuminator, therefore it can pick up things moving by it that we just can’t see.  The thermal cam picks up the heat signatures of anything in front of  its lens whether it be in hot or cold.  Whenever a spirit manifests it draws energy from around it to do so.  The difference in temps can be a sign of a spirit or if your lucky you can make out its shape if it is hotter or colder than the air around it.

Next we have the digital thermometer. Short and sweet on this one, it picks up the temperature fluctuations  in the air.  If you are walking through and find a cold spot, this could be a spirit sucking the energy from the air around them manifest. I don’t hold much stock in cold spots or the digital thermometer seeing as I have never seen a spirit stand in one spot and suck the heat out of it.

EMF detectors and K2 meters are two similar devices that measure the electromagnetic field around them and display its strength.  The only real difference in the two is the display style.  EMF gauges use either a digital number screen or a moving dial and are great tor sweeping a room for high EMF spikes.  Spirits do not actually give off EMF, they merely disrupt the field around them causing pockets or spikes.   K2 meters work the same way only they use a colored light system to display the intensity of the field in front of them.  I love to watch during an investigation and see the spirits that are intelligent enough screw with investigators.  I have seen them move out of the way or even jump in front of and away from it so it will make crazy readings! lol  Now the k2 is very interesting to watch seeing as we like to use it to try to communicate.  While speaking to a spirit we will ask them to  wave their hand in front of the meter in response to our questions and the resulting disruption of the field with light it up.  Pretty damn cool to sit and watch them answer the question, sometime with odd looks on their faces wondering I guess why we would ask such a stupid question!  Not saying  the meters are undeniable proof of a haunting to most people but to me they are a great tool.  Most go on with the fact all electronic devices and exposed wires give of EMF, therefore they can’t be reliable. Well let me tell you that they do work and I have witnessed it first hand.

Lastly today I am gonna talk about my personal favorite The Electronic Voice Recorder.  The EVP phenomenon is where while recording audio and asking questions or just leaving it in one spot, the voice of spirits can be heard in the recording that we couldn’t hear at the time in question.   EVP’s to me are great because sometimes I can not hear the spirit or entity plainly they are speaking due to their lack of energy.  Upon listening to the audio recording I can go back and hear it again and maybe understand.  EVPs are also great for understanding why a spirit has lingered or why the inhuman entity is there.  I have watched guys sit there and ask fifty questions and in their recording they only get like 3 answers.  This can be frustrating,  although remember just because you didn’t get an answer doesn’t mean they weren’t there it is usually because most investigators go to fast and they don’t have the energy to answer right away, or the simply don’t know the answer.  I love EVP work and going over the evidence from a case!

In closing for today just let me say that I am very proud to be a paranormal investigator, and to work with such an awesome group at East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society.  if you ever need help please don’t hesitate to go to their website at http://www.etprs.com or contact me directly and I will help you or put you in contact with the group. Nite all!

PS….. I know I could have done so much more with this and I am sorry for that, but I am still kinda sick and very tired.

“Who ya gonna call?!” Continued…..

Here we go with the continuation of my last post. Back to the Demons. Most see the demon as a little evil guy with horns, and is just not the case as I’ve already said. Wreeking havoc is their main goal and not so much the possession aspect. Although by all rights humans are powerful beings in our own right, demons don’t see it that way and normally wont bother with actually possessing someone. To them it is a waste of time to take on a weaker personification. See they are very vain in their supposed superiority. I have dealt with them on several occasions and can tell you no matter what I say on here, demons are not to be messed with. They are tough costumers and I myself am still scared of them.

Going along with demons, you have the Incubus and Succubus. Although lore says they are demons as well, that is not always the case. Both are dark inhuman entities, that feed off of the life force of the human they are attacking. Lore also states that this done through sexual congress, but from what I have seen and heard this mostly a fictional scare tactic from the middle ages to weed out fornication. Don’t get me wrong incubi and succubi exsist, the sexual act only really occurs if that is what the particular individual wants. The only difference between the two is incubi appear in male form and succubi in female and only attack their sexual opposits. The actual reason for the male and female form to me is unknown, but my theory is that these entities were created during crimes of passion and that is that part of our world that stuck to them.

I know there are many more types of inhuman entities, but I’m only gonna to talk about one more today. I find this one very interesting and I’m sorry if I go on with it for too long. The Tolpa is an entity of Tibetan lore, that I personally think has become very real. Tolpas are thought forms, basically meaning that with enough people believing the same thing can in fact produce enough psychic to literally bring the thing to life. Now I’m not saying everything can be done like this, vampires and werewolves cant just be created like that if they even exsist at all (they don’t by the way). Human physiology can’t be changed like that. Although seeing as enough teenage girls are obsessed with them now-a-days, and we are being overrun with horny douchebags covered in body glitter. OMG! Maybe it did work, only they created morons not vampires. Sorry I will carry on now. Think bout it like this with all the ghost hunting shows and paranormal shows in our day and age, imagine how many people are seeing some supposedly haunted place on tv or hearing bout it word of mouth. Now think bout how many people want there to be ghosts and things bumping in the night. Still with me here? Now take 10,000 people, and thats on the low conservative side, all thinking bout a haunted place the next day and all the claims of activity and the matter of fact way they tell you exactly who the spirit is every time you watch. What is to say things that were of natural causes at these places have not been now brought to life with a huge surge of psychic energy from the human race. And when I say 10,000 people that was a way conservative estimate, we all know that millions upon millions of people believe, watch these show and talk bout this stuff all the time. I mean how many entities have been created just because enough people believe in it. Now I’m not saying that real spirits and entities dont exsist, please dont take it that way, but it is a curious thing to think about. You’re probably asking if I have seen a Tolpa? No I have not, but I have heard other spirits, angels and demons all 3 talk bout them. By the way they hate them lol. But regardless Tolpas take on the form and manifest way the particular legend goes.

Im only gonna touch on this briefly, cause they really dont want me talking bout them too much. The Angels I would have to to lump in with the inhumans. They are not dark entities but they are extremely powerful and were never human. Sorry for any angel fans on here, I calls like em’ like I see’s em’. Like the Demon, the Angel is created although by different circumstances. They are created by acts of love, hope and kindness or in response to demon activity. Again the appearance varies on the particular situation and person in question. Well that is all for this post guys hope you enjoy.

“Who ya gonna call?!” Lol like that doesn’t get old

Well hello there.  Today I want to talk bout the world of paranormal investigation and how my abilities affect that aspect of my life.  I have been a paranormal investigator or “ghost hunter” if you will now for bout ten years.  What people see on tv I personally think is hilarious.  A real hunt never goes that way.  Not saying that those are fakes or phonies but its just not believable sometimes.

Now let me clarify a few things. When i say that can see and hear spirits I don’t mean that I’m sitting there and transparent human just walks by or that I have long drawn conversations with the dead. Most of the time i can’t even make out what they look like. It take a very powerful spirit or entity to manifest themselves enough for me to make out their features. Now hearing them takes concentration, alot of times they are very vauge or don’t have enough energy to talk more. Angels and demons on the other hand make themselves well known and to be honest I dont like dealing with them. Well not so much the angels, but the demons and other inhuman entities get down right annoying. I will now talk bout the 3 different types of haunts.

The first is the Residual haunt. These guys manifest in a way that the spirit or entity appears to be caught in a “loop” like watching a video tape and having it rewind over and over. Seemingly they don’t know that they are dead or are unable to break from the “loop” due to lack of energy. These are mostly harmless and seem to be unaware of the presence of living humans. They may break things unintentionally or move things due to the routine of there pattern. It is kinda cool sometimes to watch them go through the motions and really helps to determine what they need to move on. Their pattern can be anything from something they did everyday of their lives, something that was on their minds when they died that they want to complete but cant or even the way they died. That last one is terrible for me to see. I may be in touch with the other side, but in no way am I a sadist or little goth freak and I don’t want to watch anyone die. The theory behind these spirits is a high concentration of minerals such as limestone, quartz or onyx in the surrounding area that conducts their energy and stores it. Sometimes the conditions of their death will hold them to specific places.

The second type is Intelligent. These entities are more powerful and seem to be completely aware of there surroundings. They mostly know that they are dead or are at least confused by the changing word around them if they don’t. These spirits talk to me alot, seeing as most of the time I am the only person around that can hear them. These guys simple want to know what is going on or actually understand, which is rare, and want help. Although they can be mischevious at times, depending mainly how they were in life, they are for the most part harmless. But also under this you also get the other side of that particular coin. I’m speaking of angry spirits and poltergiest. An angry spirit is one who had a violent or unjust death and just like humans they can feel extraordinarily bitter bout it. Unlike humans they have nothing but time on their hands to brood over it and can become vengeful. Poltergiest are spirits of people who were already on the path of destruction and trickery before they died and have now carried their personality over into a more carefree and morally loose existence.

The third and last type is the Inhuman. These bad boys are spirits or entities that live for chaos, destruction and torment. There are so many sub-types that I wont be able to cover them all in this post. To start with you have Demons. Most consider the demon to malevolent servant of hell. I know better than that. The demon has been around since the dawn of time and every religion and culture has their own interpretation of them. Demons, as far as I’m concerned and from what they themselves have told me, are beings born of darkness. They are created from hate and tragedy and as far as I can tell cannot be destroyed or bargained with. Now many people, my girlfriend included, tell me I’m but I cant deny what I know and what I have dealt with. Now all demons like different depending on what circumstance created them and the situation at hand when they present themselves. The particular person they are tormenting has alot to do with their presentation and the way they act. I have to clock in for work now but I will most definetly write more on my lunch break and when I get off to finish this subject. Thanks

“Boo!” “Yeah, what do you want?”

Hello, my name is Doug.  I am a medium or sensitive or what the hell ever you wanna call it.  Short and skinny of it is I see and hear spirits.  Sometimes it can be a real pain to be honest, but mostly it is very rewarding.  Just knowing that I am being contacted by an other worldly being kinda makes ya feel good bout yourself. 

I started this blog for a few different reasons. One being that with all the paranormal stuff going on, my wonderful girlfriend (who also has a blog on this site, “syncedwithlove.wordpress.com”) thought it would be a great outlet for me to get out there and relieve some of the stress that my gift puts on me.  Secondly, I wanna use my ability to help people whether it be by talking to them, educating them in my area’s of “expertise” or actually dealing with there paranormal problems to the best of my ability.  Lastly, I wanna learn more about this myself and move along a higher path.  Surely there are other people like me out there, right? 

I know that true sensitives and mediums are few and very far between, and I can assure you that until recently this was something I did not want getting out.  I’m not in this for fame or glory, to me this a higher calling.  In the last year since I met my amazing girlfriend Pam, I have become more comfortable with what I can do. She is not like me per say, but she is a spiritual energy worker.  She and her teacher, whom I will not mention by name at this time, have shown me that I was only using a fraction of my potential before. 

I guess this being my first post and all I guess I should tell you how it all got started.  On Christmas Eve 2006 I was driving home from a family holiday party, when I came across a wreck on the curvy back road leading from the get together to my house at that time.  I saw a girl maybe mid twenties standing in the road and the rear end of a car sticking up from slope of the embankment.  From what I could see the car had struck the light pole at the bottom of the bank with tremendous force.  I slowly pulled forward now only about 20 feet from the crash.  The girl stared at me wide-eyed and scared covered in what looked like blood or it could have been oil from the car.  I pulled up and got out of the car and asked her if she was ok and she didn’t speak, she only pointed.  I looked down at the other car and saw what appeared to be a young guy crushed up against the steering wheel.  I pulled out my phone and called 911 and jumped down the slope to check his vitals seeing  as i had some first responder training.  When I got down there the car and the girl on the road had both vanished.  I couldn’t believe it.  I climbed back up and blamed it on being tired.  I lit a cigarette and stood there for a few minutes, thinking.  When I had finally decided that it was a sleep deprived hallucination I got back in my car and started to drive away.  When I looked in my rear view window, the girl was standing there again and the car was back to being smashed to shit on the pole. At this point I dropped my cigarette on my shirt and burned myself and knew I was awake.  I got out of the car and they were gone again.

Now after telling that story, let me tell you something else.  The next week when the county offices were open again, I went to check and found that 3 years earlier, a couple had died in a crash in that curve on Christmas Eve.  I just thought that was interesting and that one experience started it for me.  Ever since I have had the gift/curse and it’s only getting stronger.  I will explain more about it in future posts.  this just an first  post.   By the way, not only do I see spirits, I also see Angels and Demons.  Now don’t take that in a sense of the christian archetype either.  I am an atheist and have no use for god or satan.  The things I see have no religious affiliation, they have been here since the beginning.  Although I think someone like me might have seen one and created the christian image of the angel.  But all of that is for the next post.  Well I’m going to leave this post at this good stopping point and start with the good stuff next time.